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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jakarta backpacking


Backpacking in Jakarta, beware!

Jakarta is not save to whom thinking it is not. Expecially for misinformed backpackers, Jakarta is one of the dens of terrorists, it has huge floods and there are still many slum areas with primitive people might harm you. Is that true?

But to most backpackers Jakarta is not bad, it is okay or even fantastic.To explore Jakarta in the heat of the sun might not like sunbathing in Bali. All you can get is something like polluted streets and noisy traffic. But still some like this hustle and bustle. As the city doesn't stand alone with its modernity, some kampongs could be something interesting to take pictures of or just to interact with the people. Friendly, bit inquistive, but they are no more naive as years before, thanks to such technology like the Internet and mobile phones

To backpack in Jakarta you need blackberry. You do? Kidding! This is just how to depict the city with its favor that smartphone such as blackberry has already become number one in Indonesia. You might need to have one if you plan to live longer in Jakarta for your social interaction with the local and hang your backpack for a while.

So what you need to be aware of in Jakarta as a backpacker?

First, don't show off

Just like in any other big cities, snatchers are everywhere. It's not that you are a show-off expatriate that an evil taxi driver might rob you, a few cases befalling the local are not good news to tell here. Better put aside your jewelry or watch your back when you're in a quiet street. Make a phone call in an area where you think it is save.

Second, read more

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