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Saturday, May 25, 2013

How To Be Happy in Life?

How to be happy in life, to some it's an easy and simple question, but to others, quite often the answers don't seem to lead to stress-free condition. What are the answers? Probably:

1. If you have a lot of money problem's solved. You can buy anything you want. You can go anywhere you like. You can live in as many as different places as you wish. But, unfortunately money can't buy anything, including happiness. You would like to be happy in life with it, but instead you are killed by it. So many stories we have heard of the frustrated rich who found the best solution to their problem was commiting suicide.

2. If you a man, beautiful women are more than happiness and they are everything for you, and vice versa. You want a lot of dates. Life is once, so that you need to outdo Tiger Woods in order to satisfy your desire. This how-to-be-happy in life version only creates a temporary heaven for you which mostly leaves you with STD's problem or even AIDS or the same bitter end as mentioned above ... Read More

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