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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kate Moss And Diet? No Joke!

There's nothing funny here about Kate Moss and her diet, but if you think you need to check it out, you'll find entertainment can be so weird.

Stop eating greasy foods. Kate Moss tells no joke about it. It's not about something to share to twitter. Has she already tweeted today? Back then in 2009 this became a spotlight on the Internet as she preferred to be a conventional person without the joy of online social goings-on called twitter.

Although it is too personal to ask her about what is so-called a no joke diet, you can imagine yourself if you cannot stop eating unhealthy food you cannot be as skinny as her--if that is what you think. Kate Moss is naturally very thin, for a long time she would eat greasy and fried foods. Her diet started taking a toll on her skin, and she decided to eat healthier. 

Read more to find out whether there' a joke or no joke about Kate Moss diet.

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