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Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Strongest Security Guard, Who?

The strongest security guard is God and you don't have to pay much for the service. You just need to be pious and religious. However, in this global world, there should be no compulsion to believe in God. If your logic is king to you, you may regard money, fame and intellectual as God. And if you hate that definition, you may just say I'm an atheist or agnostic. Done! But the question of who is the strongest security guard gotta be answered.

When it comes to belonging or psychical protection we may refer this to the strongest man on earth, right? But who? Anyone with Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bruce Lee type? Okay, if you don't believe in God, would you take this kind of man as your security guard? Bruce Lee is good at martial art. He is the real fighter in life himself. 

Arnold is also a strong man but, both he and Bruce Lee has something that cannot really protect you from threat. What is it? Find it out here.

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