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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Junior Horse Riding Must Stay Cool ...

Stay cool if you want to be a junior horse rider. No, it's not because you're too young that you still wet the bed up to now, but stamina is very important to notice.

When it comes to seniority,you can withdraw and tell others that you have an inferiority complex. That's really crazy. Read on in order to get what you want as a junior horse rider.

Become a Selwood Equine Sponsored rider, and benefit from the below perks. In order to make the most of the Selwood Equine Junior Rider Scheme we look for riders who are actively competing with improving ability and the enthusiasm to update us and our other members on your events and news. Future Team Selwood Pro-Riders will be selected annually from the Junior scheme each year.

Working in conjunction with our Pro-Riders we will look to recruit new Team Selwood members annually based on the most active, best performing and most improving junior riders.

PLEASE NOTE – Selwood Equine Seniors (aged 18 +) is being created and is planned to launch in 2015, so please apply, but appreciate no decisions will be made until 2015.

More what you'll get is here

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