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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What Is Travelling Salesman Problem?

What is travelling salesman problem? Is it when you go to sell a product door to door and face a lot of problem with it? You get trapped in a traffic jam, it's a gridlock and you cry all along the way? Or you're running out of gasoline then ... Stop! 

Travelling salesman problem is a mathematical problem in which one tries to find the shortest route that passes through each of a set of points once and only once.

Learn more here. The example shows how to use binary integer programming to solve the classic travelling salesman problem. This problem involves finding the shortest closed tour (path) through a set of stops (cities). In this case there are 200 stops, but you can easily change the nStops variable to get a different problem size. You'll solve the initial problem and see that the solution has subtours. This means the optimal solution found doesn't give one continuous path through all the points, but instead has several disconnected loops. You'll then use an iterative process of determining the subtours, adding constraints, and rerunning the optimization until the subtours are eliminated.

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